Venue Map


Entry A (Main Entrance) - Located at the corner of Wellington and Milligan Streets, Entry A is the primary entrance for all ticket holders.

Entry B - Located at the south western corner of the Arena, closest to Elder Street and Watertown, is Entry B. Entry B is primarily used for General Admission (floor standing) ticket holders.

Corporate Suite Entry - Located adjacent to Entry A and the box office, the Corporate Suite Entry is a dedicated entrance for patrons with tickets to Perth Arena’s Suites.


There are 5 main levels within Perth Arena:

Basement - This is Perth Arena’s public underground car park, which features an elevator for mobility patrons and suite holders.

Ground - Entry to Perth Arena is via the ground floor. Doors 2-3 are located on the ground floor, as well as the Granite Room, Indigo Room and the ground floor lounge. Merchandise and concessions are also available on the ground floor.

Level 1 - The main public floor at Perth Arena is located on level 1. Doors 5 – 22 are located on level 1 as well as the American Express Invites Lounge, merchandise and food and beverage outlets.

Level 2 - Level 2 is privately accessed by Perth Arena’s suite holders. Suites 1-18 are located on Level 2.

Level 3 - Level 3 is privately accessed by Perth Arena’s suite holders. Suites 19-36 are located on Level 3.

Level 4 - Level 4 includes doors 23 - 28 and the Reveley Room. It can be accessed via stairs or escalator from level 1, or elevators from other floors.

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